Bath and Kitchen Franchise: 8 Reasons It's a Dynamic Duo


A bath and kitchen franchise is a smart investment combination. Learn why and how you can get started as a new franchisee.

At least 58% of homeowners remodeled in 2022, and kitchens and bathrooms are the top projects, according to a study conducted by Houzz. Kitchens and bathrooms serve a functional purpose, but they're also personal sanctuaries and social hubs, reflecting a homeowner's style and comfort. Homeowners are often willing to invest in upgrades that promise aesthetic appeal and increase home value. Some of the top home projects with the highest return on investment are HVAC replacement, new siding, garage doors, and kitchen and bathroom upgrades, the 2023 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine revealed.

As the demand for kitchen and bathroom remodeling services continues to climb, launching a business in the home remodeling industry is a potentially lucrative investment. Home Franchise Concepts has 10 home services brands under its umbrella, including Bath Tune-Up and Kitchen Tune-Up, providing the opportunity for a dynamic partnership. Here are eight reasons combining a bath and kitchen franchise is a savvy business move.

1. Evergreen Demand

Homes will always need updating, and the kitchen and bath remain the most valued rooms in any home. They're the spaces where functionality and aesthetics must meet, and homeowners often seek ways to improve them. Investing in franchises that cater to these two essential areas means tapping into an evergreen market.

2. Dual Market Appeal

By having the potential to combine bath and kitchen remodeling, you're not just doubling your market — you're expanding it exponentially. Offering both services positions you as a one-stop shop for homeowners looking to make significant upgrades.

3. Synergy in Services

There's a natural synergy between bath and kitchen renovations. Skills, suppliers, and design elements often overlap, which can streamline operations and reduce costs. It's efficient and effective, allowing for smooth operations.

4. Protected Territories

We grant you a protected territory, a commitment from us that no other franchised business under the Bath Tune-Up or Kitchen Tune-Up brand will compete in your area, giving you territory dominance. Each territory is carefully crafted with approximately 41,000 single-family households, using the latest census data and individual zip code analysis to maximize your potential customer base.

5. Strength in Numbers

Our dual expertise means you're backed by a franchisor with a comprehensive understanding of the home remodeling market. The shared knowledge and resources are invaluable and can put you on a path to owning multiple franchises.

6. Comprehensive Training and Support

As a franchisee under Home Franchise Concepts, you're not just getting a brand name — you're getting an entire support system. In addition to initial training, you'll have continuous access to support from experts who are invested in your success. From sales and marketing programs to project planning and customer service, you'll leverage every system that has contributed to our brand's success. Ongoing education ensures that as the industry evolves, so do your skills and knowledge.

7. Group Buying Power

Both Bath Tune-Up and Kitchen Tune-Up benefit from the group buying power that Home Franchise Concepts wields. Owning a bath and kitchen franchise can lower costs for materials and produce higher margins for your business. It's a financial strategy that can make a significant difference in profitability.

8. Marketing and Brand Recognition

Finally, there's the power of brand recognition. With established names in bath remodeling franchises and kitchen upgrades, you're not starting from scratch. You're leveraging existing brand power to attract customers and build trust from Day One.

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By partnering with Bath Tune-Up, you're investing in a comprehensive business model designed for growth. And there is a potential to add a proven kitchen franchise seamlessly to scale your business. Ready to take the first step toward owning a franchise that can transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality? Reach out and inquire now to learn more about how to get started with Bath Tune-Up.

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