The Bath Tune-Up Success Story

Bath Tune-Up is a bathroom renovation franchise and a member of a family of brands under the Home Franchise Concepts® umbrella. Home Franchise Concepts is one of the world’s leading franchisors of home services companies. We have learned through time and experience how to run a successful business model in the home services industry and passionate abour your success as a local business owner in your community. 

Born from Success

The Bath Tune-Up story technically begins in 1975 with Dave & Cindy Haglund. That’s when the couple opened a cabinet store in South Dakota. The small family business thrived until the economic recession of the mid-1980s. One day Dave got his car tuned up and had a break-through idea that would save his business: Why not “tune up” kitchens? Rather than offer homeowners an expensive, time-consuming major overhaul, why not sell remodeling solutions that were affordable and convenient? Customers loved the idea and Kitchen Tune-Up was born. Thirty-plus years and 150 franchisees later, the successful franchise covers 200 territories across the United States, with new territories in Canada. 

Bath Tune-Up was founded in 2020, launched as a sister brand to Kitchen Tune-Up. For years, Kitchen Tune-Up franchisees were asked by customers if they could help with the bathroom. Some of our franchise owners would offer limited help, but most really wanted to say in the kitchen space. With the growth of Kitchen Tune-Up and increasing demand in the bath industry, the next natural step was to take the success of Kitchen Tune-Up and the foundation that was built and move into the bathroom space with Bath Tune-Up.

Designed to Win from the Start

Born from the successful Kitchen Tune-Up concept, Bath Tune-Up builds on the same proven franchise system of committed professionals delivering beautiful and convenient solutions for homeowners. Kitchen Tune-Up has perfected the business model of updating kitchens by specializing in affordable updates that are lucrative for our franchise owners, offering 5 ways to update a kitchen. Likewise, Bath Tune-Up does the same as a bathroom renovation franchise by offering 4 core services - bathtubs, showers, conversions, all the way to full bath remodels - and designer-inspired collections to take the decision-making stress out of the equation for customers. Bath Tune-Up remodeling experts can replace tile, fixtures, lighting, vanities, offering homeowners a solution for any budget. 

Make Your Own Success Story

It's time to be your own boss in the thriving home improvement industry, and experience the financial freedom you deserve as a business owner. As a Bath Tune-Up franchisee, you’ll instantly see what it’s like to grow a local business that's backed by support.

Our parent company, Home Franchise Concepts, is passionate about creating opportunities for people from all walks of life to reach financial independence through owning their own business. We provide comprehensive training and continuous support and leadership, while building mutually rewarding relationships with our franchisees, associates, business partners and the community. Our five core values are what set us apart: Positive Intent; Interconnectedness, Grit, Ownership, Mastery.

Invest in your future by becoming a Bath Tune-Up franchise owner.

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