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Bath Franchise FAQs

Considering owning a Bath Tune-Up Franchise? If you’ve got questions, you’ll find lots of answers here to our most-asked bath franchise FAQs. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, just complete the form on this page to speak directly to one of our knowledgeable Franchise Advisors. 

Does it matter if I don’t have renovation or construction experience?

Some Bath Tune-Up franchise business owners do have construction experience, and some do not.  Most of our business owners focus on hiring and managing a crew of professional contractors and remodeling pros. Although you may enjoy working on certain projects, you’ll spend the bulk of your time on marketing, getting new customers and planning projects.  

What about interior designs skills? Who will design the renovations?

As a Bath Tune-Up business owner, you don’t need a designer background to deliver beautiful bathroom makeovers. Our curated solutions take the stress of too many choices off you and the homeowner. We’ll train you on our successful design solutions and products. You and your crew will learn how to give customers the bathrooms of their dreams. Plus, we’re constantly developing new products and remodeling ideas based on what your customers are looking for.  

How are territories awarded?

We will grant you a protected territory, meaning we will not establish another franchised business in your territory that sells and installs bath improvements. Each territory will begin with approximately 41,000 households. We review the most current census data by individual zip codes to determine a franchise territory. 

I like the idea of working for myself. Why should I choose Bath Tune-Up?

We understand. You’re an independent thinker who likes to control your own life. But a startup business requires a steep learning curve and can be a lonely road. As a Bath Tune-Up franchisee, you get the freedom you want and the support you need. With us you get a known national bath remodeling brand that features best-selling solutions and products, comprehensive training, and one-on-one support. You get the freedom to run your business your way without going it alone. We’ve helped many other self-reliant leaders run a successful remodeling business. 

What about training?

Bath Tune-Up training begins with a 4-week online pre-training course, followed by 8-days of hands-on training at our home office before you even open your doors.  But it doesn’t stop there. Upon completion, you will follow our 12-week Action Plan where you will be assigned a Regional Operations Manager from the Home Office team who will work with you one-on-one for your first 12 weeks of your business. And throughout the life of your business, you’ll have access to continual training and support experts. As a Bath Tune-Up business owner, you’ll have access to every business system that has made our brand successful: from sales and marketing programs to project planning to customer service. 

Who is the Bath Tune-Up customer?

Every home has a bathroom and Bath Tune-Up offers a variety of price points and customization, so your customer can be… well, anyone who owns a home or a property with a bathroom!

Where do I find employees?

Our hiring software gives you access to an online applicant tracking system  to post jobs quickly and push them out to the top job boards. The hiring software is a hiring version of a CRM to help you easily recruit, hire, and onboard top talent in your community.

So, how much will a Bath Tune-Up cost me?

The initial $64,950 investment is an all-inclusive startup package to make the franchise purchase as turnkey as possible. Plus, you get an exclusive territory of customer prospects.