Our Extensive Training Program

During intial franchise training, you’ll learn how to run a Bath Tune-Up from our experienced operations team, marketing team, and executive team. You’ll start with a 4-week online pre-training course that covers marketing, sales, accounting, hiring, profitability, and everything in between. Next, you’ll get 14 days of Bath Tune-Up Certification Training, a mix of virtual and in-person training at our Experience Center in Dallas so you can learn more about our key services.

Through our inital extensive training program, you will learn all about obtaining and retaining customers, implementing our business model, and how to provide consistent first-class customer service. Your success is our success; we are there for you every step of the way to help you realize your potential. Upon completion of your initial training, you will receive a personalized Launch Coach to work with you for the first 3-7 months to help you launch your business.

Our philosophy is: Training never stops. From your initial pre-training, through post-training, through the life of your business, we’re dedicated to helping you become an expert in the bath remodeling field.

12-Week Post-Training Action Plan

Immediately, upon the completion of the initial training program, your 12-Week Action Plan with Accountability starts. We’ll help you achieve your goals and grow your franchise through our extended business support and training program, which:

  • Provides a smooth transition to the field with our proactive coaching program
  • Promotes strong communications, work ethic, and sound business practices
  • Helps you follow the proven Bath Tune-Up business model
  • Aids you in setting income and business goals for the first year
  • Assists with your local marketing planning
  • Trains you how to handle leads and effectively close sales Helps increase your overall product knowledge
  • Provides ongoing live training and online webinars
  • Helps you develops tools for good business habits and routines
  • Assists with managing and tracking your financials

From your franchise inquiry through the entire life of your business, our Franchise Support and Training teams continue to partner with you. If you ever decide to retire and sell your business, we’ll help you with that too.

World-Class Marketing Support

Through our National Advertising Fund, we provide franchise owners a solid customer base through strategic marketing tactics, graphics, and blogs, website pages, social media campaigns, and more.

You don’t have to be a marketing expert! Our marketing team is here to assist you with your local area marketing planning. We will guide you on how to drive leads using our marketing checklist, and provide you with our preferred marketing partners to learn how to increase your customer base, build a positive online presence, and grow a strong lead flow of new clients.

Ongoing Business Support

Bath Tune-Up has some of the most comprehensive training and ongoing support programs and teams in the franchise industry, including: 

  • Operations Managers to provide guidance throughout the life of your business
  • Regional and webinars and trainings to increase your knowledge
  • Professional in-house technology solutions experts to help solve problems
  • Annual Convention to learn the latest in the industry and network with your fellow franchisees

Ongoing Training

Your training does not end after the 12-Week Post-Training Action Plan. We’re dedicated to making sure your knowledge keeps expanding. You’ll have access to the following:

  • Our private podcast
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Online owners’ forum
  • Weekly emails
  • National Reunions
  • Online webinars
  • Support from your Regional Operations Manager

Technology Support

Our support team provides ongoing technical expertise to help you run your business. The ways in which consumers go to market are changing, and we are creating new channels to take advantage of these changes. We strive to make sure our franchise owners are prepared with the tools and technology to find success in any market. With the technological resources provided by Bath Tune-Up, you will quickly learn how to attract, manage, and convert leads to create a seamless business operation. We offer:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Local franchisee websites
  • Tech support 12 hours a day

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