How Big is the Demand for Bathroom Remodels?

Increased Home Value

Bath Tune-Up is in high-demand, in an enormous market, with the bathroom remodel industry which is expected to reach $78.57 billion by 2027 (GM Insights). Bath remodels remain one of the highest-ranked investments among all home improvements.

According to Remodeling, on average, homeowners spend over $24,000 on a midrange bathroom renovation project and upwards of $75,000 on an upscale bathroom renovation project. At resale, midrange renovations recoup 60.1% of their costs, while upscale renovations recoup 57.4%.

bathroom blueprints

Bathrooms have always been a popular remodeling choice and the industry is expected to grow by 4% through 2027 according to GM Insights.

  • Two in five renovating homeowners report using their bathroom to rest and relax (41%).
  • The bathtub and shower are equally important features, with 61% of renovators saying soaking in the tub helps them to relax and 54% enjoy long showers.

Source: 2021 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study

An old and outdated space is by far the top annoyance prior to a master bathroom renovation (69%).

  • Functional limitations are the next major pet peeves, including insufficient storage (33%), a small shower (32%), poor ventilation (25%), and limited counter space (23%).
  • Light is of key importance to homeowners who are renovating bathrooms, with 28% citing insufficient lighting as one of their major pet peeves and 11% saying a lack of natural light irked them.
  • After the renovations, 52% of homeowners say they spend more time in the bathroom.

Source: 2021 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study

According to NKBA, households indicate that improving the home’s aesthetics are the main motivators for remodels in the bathroom (16%) followed by maximizing quality and durability and increasing the value of the home. 

Homeowners completing budget-friendly bathroom remodels focused on updating cabinets (52% of projects) and plumbing (43% of projects).

The main reasons for a remodel are:

  • Wanted for a while and now have the means (35%)
  • Can no longer stand the old bathroom (32%)
  • Old bathroom deteriorated or broke down (29%)
  • Want to personalize a recently purchased home (25%)
  • Recently inspired to make certain changes (11%)

*Statista - 2021