5 Reasons a Handyman Franchise Isn’t as Good as a Remodeling Franchise

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You have decided you want to own your own business by owning a franchise and home services are your niche. So the next step is deciding which franchise to buy. A remodeling franchise and a handyman franchise may seem similar; however, several differences will make a big difference as you start your business ownership journey.

Handyman Services vs. Remodeling Services

When a homeowner hires a handyman service, it is most often for smaller tasks. These may include things such as gutter cleaning, minor repairs around the house (inside and out), interior or exterior painting, or other common home repairs. In addition, handyman service providers may not have to have a plumbing or electrical work license. Without these licenses, they would be unable to complete more extensive repairs as they arise.

Remodeling services transform spaces into something new and must have the licensing and knowledge to complete electrical and plumbing jobs. In many cases, with more minor updates or repairs, unexpected electrical or plumbing issues arise, and a professional remodeling service will be able to complete the job to completion and adhere to building code requirements. With the necessary skills and licensing, a remodeling service quickly and cost-efficiently completes projects.

As you consider buying a home repair or remodel franchise, it is essential to understand the differences between a handyman franchise and a remodeling franchise. The differences lie in the services you can offer your community and your earning potential.

5 Reasons Why a Remodel Franchise Is a Better Option

Buying a remodeling franchise requires more start-up costs and effort but is a better option. Not only can you offer more services and set yourself up to earn more income, but you will also establish yourself as an authority in the industry by fulfilling several licensing requirements. A remodeling franchise sets you apart from the start.

Smaller or Bigger Jobs

You can offer renovation services or complete remodeling services as a remodeling franchise. However, as a handyman service, you are limited to the services you are licensed to complete. Commonly handyman services do not include electrical or plumbing work.

Licensed for Plumbing and Electrical Work

Owning a remodeling franchise requires you to have trade-specific licenses for your state. This extra step, not typically required for a handyman franchise, benefits you in the long run. Having this licensure in place allows your company to continue working no matter what issues arise, such as plumbing, electrical, or otherwise. Operating as a professional remodeling service, you are in a position to help your customers with all of their needs without delay.

Pricing Jobs Can Be Tricky

Handyman franchises often deal with smaller jobs resulting in smaller earnings per job. Homeowners often expect a lower bid from a handyman than a remodeling professional. As a remodeling franchise, you can bid on larger jobs that pay more, and your bids will be more consistent from job to job. In addition, you are in a position also to secure smaller jobs for homeowners that may lead to bigger jobs in the future.

Year-Round Work

Operating as a handyman business work can be seasonal. For example, homeowners hire a handyman company for odd jobs. Outside tasks are typical for a handyman service, such as fence repair, roof repair, painting, and pressure washing. Outdoor work often means seasonal work. With a remodeling business, you can plan for and schedule year-round work.

Scheduled Work vs. Short Notice

Handyman services receive many last-minute calls. When a homeowner needs odd jobs done, they will call and expect a handyman service to come right away and expect availability without notice. With a remodeling company, you will be able to schedule your work for future dates. Homeowners understand remodeling takes time and will expect to schedule out.

Consider a Bath Remodeling Franchise Like Bath Tune-Up

There are different types of remodeling franchise opportunities. Kitchens and bathrooms have specific franchise businesses for sale in this particular niche. Bath Tune-Up is part of the Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) family of franchise brands with a proven system for success. HFC is one of the largest home services franchisor in North America with 30 years of experience.

In addition to being part of HFC, a good reason to consider a bath remodeling franchise like Bath Tune-Up is that the market for home remodeling professionals continues to grow. Statista reports projections for investment in home improvements to reach 370 billion dollars in 2022. One-third of overall home improvement spending was for bathroom remodels in 2020, and professional renovations are trending over DIY in 2022.

What do all these projections mean for a bathroom remodel franchise like Bath Tune-Up? The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) predicts revenues to rise by 16.6 percent and reach $158.6 billion in 2021 and continue to grow.

As You Consider Bath Tune-Up, You Will Want to Know

Do I have to be a contractor?

You may not have to have much experience to own a remodeling franchise, though it’s a good idea to be familiar with the industry. Being a general contractor is not required in all states; however, you must obtain state-specific licensing. Licensing requirements may include general contractor, plumbing, and electrical. Our franchisees most often use subcontractors or employees for some of the work.

What kind of experience do I need?

Ideally, project management skills, the ability to grow your staff, and a healthy work environment are all necessary skills to own a successful Bath Tune-Up franchise. With a Bath Tune-Up franchise, you do not need any experience in the remodeling industry. As you begin your franchise journey with Bath Tune-Up, you will receive extensive training, support, and resources to set up your franchise for success.

As a Bath Tune-Up franchisee, your resources include a multi-week training program covering all the critical aspects of the bath remodeling business. Trainings cover marketing, product knowledge, hiring, accounting, closing sales, profitability, and more taught within a proven business model.

Why Choose Bath Tune-Up Instead of a Handyman Franchise?

 Buying a franchise has many benefits. For example, a bathroom remodeling franchise puts you in a position to offer major or minor upgrades in your community. In addition, you will be able to schedule year-round work and provide the plumbing and electrical services homeowners often need during repair and remodels.

A Bath Tune-Up franchise offers extensive training, a unique business model, and strategic vendor alliances giving you access to valuable resources as a franchise owner. You will also have access to continued support throughout the life of your business. As a national brand, customers will often come to you as a trusted name in the home remodeling industry.

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