Remodeling Industry Outlook: What to Expect in 2024


Understanding market trends, consumer behaviors, and economic indicators will be key in navigating the remodeling industry in 2024. What are the upcoming trends for the home remodeling market? Check out our remodeling industry outlook.

As the calendar turns towards 2024, the home remodeling market is gearing up for a year of both challenges and opportunities. Amidst economic uncertainties and shifting consumer sentiments, franchises like Bath Tune-Up are positioning themselves to navigate the dynamic home remodeling landscape.

Following the pandemic outbreak, government incentives and curtailing discretionary spending propelled the home improvement market forward. Forced to spend more time on the home front, Americans invested in their homes to make them sanctuaries during uncertain times. Once the shockwaves of the pandemic ebbed, home improvement spending normalized.

Recently, weakness in the housing market, high inflation, and job insecurity are prompting many Americans to put large home improvement projects on the back burner and creating challenges for home remodeling business owners. The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University forecast home improvement spending to fall 7.7% to $452 billion in 2023.

Fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the home renovation industry. As economic uncertainty eases and inflation slows, a resurgence in home improvement spending is on the horizon. As layoffs hit a nine-month low, Gen X and millennials, who represent the largest segment of homebuyers and home improvement enthusiasts, are regaining their financial footing. The Home Improvement Research Institute anticipates industry growth in 2024. The anticipated rebound in consumer confidence is expected to drive up spending in the home improvement sector.

Credit accessibility is another factor influencing home improvement spending. Nearly half of U.S. homeowners rely on various lines of credit to fund their projects. With interest rates projected to decrease to around 5% by 2025, the home improvement industry could see an uptick in activity as consumers become more inclined to leverage credit.

Bath Tune-Up: Adapting to Market Dynamics

With a fluctuating remodeling industry outlook, Bath Tune-Up emerges as a bright opportunity for entrepreneurs. The franchise's edge lies in its comprehensive support system, including training and access to successful business systems. Here are some of the ways Bath Tune-Up provides entrepreneurs with a competitive advantage.

Diverse services: Bath Tune-Up stands out for our range of services, catering to both full-scale bathroom renovations and smaller updates. Our versatility attracts a broader customer base, from those seeking complete remodels to clients interested in minor enhancements. Their curated, designer-selected collections further streamline the remodeling process, enhancing customer satisfaction.

  1. Training and support: We provide an extensive training program, including a four-week online pre-training course and an eight-day hands-on training session at our home office. This is followed by a 12-week action plan with one-on-one support from a Regional Operations Manager. Having a robust support system ensures you’re well-equipped to manage your business effectively.
  2. Group buying power: As part of our franchise package, we offer a network of suppliers with negotiated pricing, allowing franchisees to purchase materials at lower costs to increase the potential for higher profit margins and offset the price fluctuation of materials.
  3. Protected territories: Our franchisees are granted a protected territory, typically starting with around 41,000 households. Our policy ensures franchisees don't face internal competition, allowing them to fully capitalize on their local market.
  4. Strong brand affiliation: Being part of the Home Franchise Concepts family, Bath Tune-Up benefits from the reputation and established presence of a leading name in home services. Having the backing of Home Franchise Concepts lends credibility and trust to the brand, which is crucial for attracting customers and building a successful business in the competitive home remodeling market.

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The home remodeling industry is approaching 2024 with a mi x of optimism and caution. While there are challenges ahead, franchises like Bath Tune-Up are well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities that arise. Inquire now and learn more about how Bath Tune-Up can help you capitalize on opportunities in the home remodeling industry.

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