How to Manage a Franchise: 4 Tips for New Franchise Owners


Buying a franchise is a big decision for entrepreneurs looking to dive head-first into the business world. A franchise can give you a leg up on the competition, starting with an established brand and all the resources and connections that come with it. However, there are plenty of things you should keep in mind when buying a franchise to help the business succeed and prosper. Here are a few tips for managing a franchise that can help you get the most out of your new franchise.

Research is Key

With any business venture, it's vital to ensure you are knowledgeable about not only the field you’re entering but also your own business. When buying a franchise, this means putting in your due diligence. Research your different franchise options to learn what each one offers and which ones might be more appealing to your particular situation. Learning more about a company can help you to better understand how to manage a franchise of that specific business, from its policies to its reputation.

Knowing the business is only half the battle, so make sure to spend plenty of time familiarizing yourself with the industry in which the company operates. Having a clear understanding of the market, its most prominent clientele, and even trends and projections for the industry can give you a better idea of where your new franchise stands both now and in the future.

Know Your Strengths

As a new franchise owner, you’ll be at the center of your business regarding communications with the company at large and managing the franchise. Because of this, it’s essential to know what areas of the business you excel in and where you may need to improve. Assess your strengths as a business owner and let those strengths help shape the opening of your franchise. Are you a marketing whiz with an eye for promotions, or are you more experienced in the business and economics aspects of your business?

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses can also help you fill in those gaps within your training and your hiring process. Training resources provided by a business can help you better understand areas you may be weaker in understanding, and other issues can be solved by hiring people who excel in those areas where you struggle.

Hire the Right Team for the Job

One of the most important things when learning to manage a franchise is building the right team around you to help your business succeed. Hiring for your franchise should serve various purposes for strengthening your franchise. While hiring experienced professionals who know the industry and its work is key, the hiring process can also help balance out some of the weaknesses mentioned earlier. Hiring savvy individuals who understand areas you are weaker in can help mitigate some of your personal weaknesses regarding managing the business.

The hiring process can also help to put the right people into your business who will mesh well with the company’s vision and day-to-day operations. A well-vetted team with experience and passion will help your franchise to hit the ground running. Many companies also offer a plethora of training resources that can help employees improve their understanding of the business and the industry.

Take Advantage of Training Resources

Any business takes a level of understanding and training to familiarize employees with that business’ policies and operational model. When buying a franchise, training is even more critical in helping a franchisee to understand how the larger business operates. Companies typically offer a variety of training resources in many different forms for franchise owners and employees to learn more about the business. Take advantage of the resources provided by the company to brush up on how that business operates and what your franchise will look like.


Training resources can also help to inform your employees about a business’ operation and how the company will run. Along with teaching you how to manage a franchise of that business, these resources can help your employees to better understand what is expected of them. Training can also provide advice on how to effectively guide your franchise to success, as well as educate your employees in aspects of the business they may be unfamiliar with.

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