Home Construction Franchise: Pros, Cons, & What's a Better Investment


Thinking of owning a home construction franchise? They're one of the top startups, but construction companies have a high failure rate. Find out what's a smarter investment.

Owning a home construction franchise provides financial opportunities and professional growth. A career in home construction allows you to flex your creative muscle and form long-term relationships in your community and enables you to create job opportunities for others. By building a skilled team, you can contribute to the local economy, provide stable employment, and foster professional growth for your employees. You’ll get the chance to positively impact the community by creating quality homes and contributing to the development of infrastructure.

High-Risk Industry

But there are some drawbacks. Construction companies have one of the highest rates of failure of any small business, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Of the 46,719 construction companies launched in 2012, only 39% were open 10 years later.

Construction projects often face unexpected challenges, such as cost overruns, supply chain disruptions, or weather-related delays, impacting project profitability and client satisfaction. Inaccurate cost estimates and poor project management at construction companies often lead to financial losses, strained client relationships, and negative reviews.

During economic downturns or recessions, there may be a decrease in demand for new construction projects, leading to reduced revenue and financial strain on companies. High mortgage rates are putting a damper on new home construction. Permits for new residential housing dropped 24.8% in March compared to the same period last year. Rather than purchasing a new build, people are focusing on remodeling existing homes to keep costs down. The average American household spent $8,434 on home improvement projects in 2022.

If the cons of owning a home construction franchise outweigh the pros, Bath Tune-Up has an alternative investment opportunity in the home remodeling industry to consider.

Bath Tune-Up: A Wiser Choice

Bath Tune-Up offers a cost-effective way for homeowners to refresh and update their bathrooms without a full-scale renovation. In addition to offering full bath remodels, we focus on improving the appearance and functionality to give a bathroom a new look and feel by offering 4 core services that deliver beautiful results. As a Bath Tune-Up franchise owner, your teams can replace tile, fixtures, lighting, vanities, and provide tub-to-shower conversions. And we simplify the bathroom remodeling process by using curated, designer-selected collections that take the decision-making stress out of the equation for our customers.

A Bath Tune-Up franchise is a proven business model with established processes and a track record of success. Investing in a turnkey business gives you a head start. You can leverage our reputation and reap the rewards of our experience and support.

Remodel Your Future

Bathroom remodeling was one of the top three home improvement projects in 2022, according to Angi. Regular maintenance, such as landscaping, gutter cleaning, and interior painting, also made the list.

Bath Tune-Up is growing. We’re searching for entrepreneurs who want to build a future in the lucrative remodeling industry. We don’t require a particular skill set to own a Bath Tune-Up franchise. We’re looking for people who love hard work and have a philanthropic spirit and a determination to succeed. If you have project management skills, the ability to hire, and can grow a healthy work environment, all the better.

Opening a Bath Tune-Up requires an initial investment of $104,930 to $158,850, including a $64,950 one-time fee. To help reduce startup costs, we offer in-house financing of up to $36,000 for qualified candidates and as well as additional discounts to veterans.

To see if Bath Tune-Up is the right choice for you, let’s explore some of the benefits of partnering with a franchise leader.

  • Supplier network. We’ve done the heavy lifting. Bath Tune-Up has all the suppliers you need with negotiated pricing. Relying on group buying power helps keep costs down and clears the way for higher profits.

  • Our team stays abreast of the latest trends to make sure our franchisees have the latest techniques and tools to appeal to customers. We help keep you up to date by offering in-person conventions, a private podcast channel, weekly email updates, and webinars.

  • Sliding-scale royalty fees. We offer sliding-scale royalty fees to provide some financial relief and flexibility for franchisees in the early stages of the business when revenue may be lower. Having flexibility as you build your customer base can help you meet your financial projections faster.

  • Protected territories. We ensure every franchise owner has a protected territory with at least 41,000 households.

Avoid the pitfalls associated with starting a home construction franchise. Inquire now to learn more about the benefits of starting a business in the home remodeling industry.

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