The Franchise Business Model: Why It Works & How You Can Be Successful


Franchising bridges the gap between working at a large corporation and starting a business from scratch. It offers a path to entrepreneurship if you want to start a venture combining independence and support. Learn more about the franchise business model, its pros and cons, and what makes franchises such potentially profitable business opportunities.

What is Franchising?

Franchising allows you to operate a business under the established brand, systems, and support of a franchisor. A quintessential example is the fast-food industry, where brands like McDonald's or Dunkin’ have thrived globally, but the model touches a range of sectors from retail to home services like Bath Tune-Up, a bathroom remodeling franchise.

Today, the adoption of AI and new technology is helping improve operational efficiency and propel the franchise industry forward. The franchise industry is forecast to add 15,000 locations in 2024, reaching 821,000 units, according to the International Franchise Association.

A successful franchise model significantly reduces the guesswork associated with startups, providing a roadmap to success that is tested and refined. The franchise business model works because it offers a mutual benefit to both the franchisor and the franchisee. Achieving success in franchising demands more than just signing a franchise agreement. It requires dedication, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to upholding the brand's standards.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of franchising.


  • Brand recognition: Instantly benefit from a brand that's already loved by customers.
  • Proven business model: Operating a tested brand reduces the risk of failure, as franchisees can follow a roadmap to success that has worked for others.
  • Support system: Receive comprehensive training, marketing strategies, and ongoing support.
  • Purchasing power: Being part of a franchise system allows for group purchasing power, which can reduce the cost of inventory and supplies.
  • Peer network: Franchisees become part of a larger community of other franchise owners. This network can provide valuable advice, support, and camaraderie, which can be especially beneficial for new business owners navigating entrepreneurship.


  • Initial investment: Franchises come with upfront costs, including a franchise fee and startup expenses.
  • Ongoing fees: Royalties and marketing fees are an ongoing financial commitment to use the brand name and proprietary system.
  • Operational restrictions: Franchisors set the rules, which can limit your creative control and operational flexibility.

If you're considering a franchise, make sure to analyze the franchise's business model, financial requirements, and market potential in your area. Take advantage of the brand’s franchise network to gain insights from current franchisees on the challenges they face, as well as their satisfaction with the franchisor's support. It’s important to have a franchise attorney review the franchise disclosure document (FDD) to understand your rights and obligations.

Why Bath Tune-Up Has a Competitive Edge

Bath Tune-Up capitalizes on the evergreen demand for home improvement, specifically in the lucrative niche of bathroom remodeling. More than half of businesses in the home remodeling industry anticipate “heightened demand” for their services in 2024, a Houzz survey revealed.

What sets Bath Tune-Up apart is our commitment to curated designs, customer satisfaction, and comprehensive franchisee support. Our bathroom remodeling franchise offers extensive training, marketing resources, and a supportive franchise community. We strive to minimize the hurdles of business ownership and help entrepreneurs achieve their goals and make a tangible impact in their local markets.

If you're ready to take the leap into business ownership with a franchise that offers a solid foundation and the promise of growth, inquire now to learn how Bath Tune-Up can help you write your own success story.

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