Bathroom Remodeling Business: What You Need to Know Before You Begin

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Starting a bathroom remodeling business can be a gratifying and worthwhile endeavor. The United States housing market is booming, and that means the remodeling business is, too. With so many people buying houses for the first time or prepping their existing homes for sale, there’s more demand than ever for remodeling companies with a proven track record of getting the job done right. Of course, it’s not always easy to start a business, and there are likely plenty of questions that you need to be answered before you dive headfirst into this new venture.

Is Remodeling a Lucrative Business?

Although any business can have its ups and downs, the home remodeling business is definitely on its way up and will most likely continue to rise for the foreseeable future. The exodus of employees out of big cities, made possible by the increase in remote work, has led to a housing market still on the rise despite financial uncertainty.

 As more companies switch to fully remote work and people leave in-person jobs searching for work-from-home careers, this housing market trajectory is likely to continue. Between saving money from eliminating a commute and allowing employees to live in more affordable parts of the country, thousands of people are making the switch from apartment living to first-time homeowners.

 It’s not just remote worker migration driving the housing market, though. People have more time than ever for home renovations, and they are also spending more time at home. With every part of their homes getting more use than ever before, people are willing to pay more to create their vision of the perfect home.

Industry Trends to Watch

Many people remodeling their homes might be doing so to increase their property value before selling. Alternatively, many are spending time and money to make their homes more eco-friendly whether they stay or sell their home. Things like solar panels, more efficient fixtures, and more sustainable materials are common trends that will likely keep growing as people become more eco-conscious in their daily lives.

 There is also a trend in DIY renovations. While DIY is popular and growing increasingly common, especially for minor changes such as converting a spare room into a home office, many people are unwilling to do significant work themselves. This desire for expertise means that DIY enthusiasts generally avoid areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Due to the risk of making costly mistakes when undertaking these projects without professional guidance, many people search for remodeling companies to ensure it gets done right.

Do I Need Remodeling Experience to Start a Bath Remodeling Business?

The short answer is no. Buying a Bath Tune-Up franchise is a great way to get started on the right foot and avoid many of the early mistakes new business owners so often make. Best of all, the investment needed can be even lower than starting your own business from scratch.

 Buying a Bath Tune-Up franchise will also provide you with so much more than just the business name. We also provide all the resources you need for your business to succeed from day one, including extensive training and support. Bath Tune-Up’s resources include a multi-week training program to learn all the essential aspects of the bath remodeling industry. This training includes marketing, closing sales, product knowledge, accounting, hiring, profitability, and everything in-between following our tried-and-true business model.

 After you’ve completed our training, Bath Tune-up offers a 12-Week Action Plan program to help you hit the ground running, plus tons of support throughout the lifetime of your business. Having prior experience in the industry is not necessary, most of our franchise owners had no experience before our training program. You only need to have a philanthropic spirit, and determination to succeed.  Our extensive training program and continued support are what make it possible for you to succeed and to get your business up and running in so short a time.

Why Should I Buy a Franchise Instead of Starting My Own?

There are many benefits to going the franchise route when seeking to start your own home remodeling service. One of the most significant benefits is the training and support that comes with purchasing a Bath Tune-Up franchise as discussed above. Marketing and developing effective strategies that bring in customers can also be the bane of many new business owners, however marketing is a necessary component for any business. Bath Tune-Up’s marketing team at the Home Office helps you with your advertising needs, using proven methods from our successful business experiences. In short, franchises, like Bath Tune-Up, have already established a proven track record of success, while starting your own business from scratch can be more of a gamble.

What sets Bath Tune-Up apart from the rest are the key differences between other remodeling companies and us. We use a unique business model and strategic vendor alliances to put valuable resources in the hands of our owners. 

 When working with a trusted company that has an established name in the home remodeling business, customers will often come to you, rather than you having to spend all your energy seeking potential clients. This is usually a big factor in people deciding between a solo endeavor and going the franchise route. When buying a franchise, there’s a lot of hard work already done for you, allowing you to lean on an experienced support team from the start rather than having to assemble your own.

 Our team can answer any questions you may have about franchising with Bath Tune-Up. Simply reach out to us by filling out our inquiry form and we will get back to you in no time to learn more. 

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